Invicta Russian Diver Quartz Stainless Steel Black Leather Men’s Watch (14774): Review

Invicta Russian Diver Quartz Stainless Steel Black Leather Men’s Watch (14774): Review
9.4 Total Score

Brand: Invicta

Type: Russian Diver Quartz Stainless Steel Black Tone Leather Men’s Watch

Model: 14774

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This Invicta Russian Diver is a very interesting timepiece. With a gunmetal dial that is unique and partially transparent, this Invicta sports a diamond-shaped dial that is wedged within the dial, leaving the areas off the broad sides of the dial transparent.

At 52mm in diameter, the round stainless steel case features a large, push crown with a chain, three dial hands, and small metallic dots on the edge of the dial to indicate the hours. The corner of each side of the dial rest at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Case Size: 52mm
  • Case Shape; Round
  • Movement: Swiss Quartz
  • Calibre 503, Ronda
  • Jewels: 13
  • Movement Components: Swiss
  • Movement Assembly: Thailand
  • Jewels:
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Thickness:
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Mineral
  • Bezel: Stationary (small notches around the edge)
  • Bezel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial Type: Analog
  • Dial Color: Clear with Gunmetal Center
  • Dial Material: Metal
  • Dial Features:
  • Crown: Push / Pull with Canteen Cap
  • Band Length: 210mm (8.25 inches)
  • Band Width: 26mm
  • Band Type: Strap
  • Band Material: Leather
  • Band Color: Black
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters (330 feet)

Power Source

The 14774 model Russian Diver by Invicta features Swiss components assembled in Thailand — using a Ronda Quartz movement with a 13-jewel, 503 calibre, this timepiece has plenty of quality power to keep the time with precision.

The Good

There are a nice range of good features on this Invicta Russian Diver. The Quartz movement is Swiss — made by Ronda, an extremely well-known movement maker — and featuring a 503 calibre with 13 jewels, this movement is a very decent one for this relatively simple watch.

While the watch’s timekeeping functions may be basic and simple, the design is anything but. The oversized 52mm stainless steel case is large and in charge. With a stationary bezel featuring small notches along the edge, this watch has the feel and looks of a great diver piece.

The dial is one of the more unique ones we have seen, especially coming from Invicta. The brand typically has its look that you can recognize anywhere, and this one took us by surprise. By pushing the boat out a little, Invicta has made a beautiful timepiece with a square dial that is offset in diamond-like fashion so that the edges secure to the sides of the inner case at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. With raised designs and hour indicators, the dial is almost Nordic-looking if it weren’t for the engraved Swiss cross that takes up the majority of the center.

Lastly, the large push / pull crown with a security chain and canteen cap is a great touch. The mark of a real Russian Diver design, this crown is iconic and definitely a look that works well with the metal dial design.

The Bad

As a piece coined as a “diver” watch, one would expect this timepiece to have the best water resistance possible. With a water resistance of 100 meters (330 feet), this Invicta Russian Diver does not meet the bill for a real, functional divers watch. Divers watches should be around 200 meters water resistant to be fully safe to use in the water at depth.


This Invicta is without a doubt a stylish timepiece and is powered by a finely crafted Swiss Quartz movement. With a large, oversized 52mm stainless steel case, a secured diver’s crown, mineral crystal, metal dial, and a secure strap, this timepiece has plenty of power and a simple three-hand timekeeping function.

However, according to water resistant charts, a 100 meter rating actual excludes this watch from scuba diving as well as professional deep sea diving. You can use this watch to snorkel, swim, play water sports, bathe, and other uses, but it is not recommended that you scuba dive or deep sea dive. This belays the point of this being coined a “diver’s watch” so be aware that while 100 meters is a very decent water resistance for everything but scuba or deep sea diving.

If you want a watch with all of the design of a diver’s watch, this is an excellent Invicta — but if you are into scuba diving or deep sea diving, we don’t recommend using it for that purpose. In addition, most diver’s watches feature silicone or water-specific metallic bracelets in order to brave the water best — this Invicta features a black tone leather strap — not the best material for long-term water use.


If you take this Invicta Russian Diver for what it is — a very intriguing, unique, and great-looking timepiece that has all of the right looks of a Diver — then we definitely recommend it. This 13-jewel, Swiss Quartz-powered timepiece uses a great vendor (Ronda) and calibre (503). Highly functional in the timekeeping department, you can certainly rely on this watch to keep on ticking with precision. When it comes to water resistance you can still do a lot with the 100 meter / 330 feet resistance.

The solid construction of stainless steel as well as a fixed bezel with beautiful notching, this watch looks gorgeous. The real highlight of this watch is most certainly the dial — the extremely unique look of the diamond-shaped metal dial that seemingly floats within the confines of the case is a class act.

The minimalism of the dial, which includes a raised “Invicta” logo (the Swiss cross) in the metal, a designer edging, and small indicators for the hours. The three dial hands (hour, minute, and second) are also made of stainless steel and match the casing while giving this all-metal dial and case a strong look beneath the mineral crystal.


This Invicta Russian Diver men’s watch retailed originally for $1,295.00, but even Invicta has lowered the price from $279.00 to $195.30 at the Invicta Store. You can get also score it brand new for even less at the trustworthy retailer, Jomashop, for $178.89.

Jomashop — $178.89 —

Invicta — $195.30 —

9.4 Total Score

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