Michael Kors Dylan Watch MK8295: Review

Michael Kors Dylan Watch MK8295: Review
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Michael Kors is a well-respected designer as well as a favored watch maker for those seeking a luxury look for less-than-luxury prices. Kors’ watches tend to be very good looking time pieces with the functionality of a watch that you would expect from a much more expensive brand.

Kors has made his timepieces so favored among men due to the incredible designs and out-of-the-box thinking on how he can create a luxury timepiece for those who do not want the price tag of a luxury model.

The Dylan Watch by Michael Kors is one of the highest rated and favored of his watches. The unique design, extra features, and the detailed work put into the dial face is simply increidble. The functionality is simply excellent–you can wear this oversized 48 mm wrist watch anywhere, from dress occasions, on vacation, casually, or to the office.

Check out the details and photograph below and see if this MK8295 model is perfect for you!

Brand: Michael Kors

Type: Dylan Watch

Model: MK8295

Amazon: http://goo.gl/gcd0v7


Michael Kors’ Dylan Watch (MK8295) is one of the most stylish and classic timepieces Kors has come out with in recent years. This Analog Quartz watch is perfect to wear day or night, for nearly any occasion, be it dress or casual.

The round case is certainly an oversized Men’s issue, at 48 mm wide (not including the crown in the measurement). For men who prefer a dress, casual, and sports-like all in one oversized display, this is the time piece for you.

The dial is a stunning blue, which matches the blue silicone band. The Rose-Gold of the dial hands and the Stainless Steel casing breaks up the blue beautifully, and makes for an excellent look.

This watch has other extras besides its handsome looks: from measuring seconds, water resistance, and an Arabic numeral display at the 12 o’clock position, this watch also is a Chronograph and has luminous capabilities.

This Michael Kors time piece is unusual in that the design is rich-looking and glamorous without the expensive price tag.

With three sub dials at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, the date calendar window also appears within the 6 o’clock sub dial. Each sub dial’s hands are also Rose-Gold colored and filled in with white, as well as each of the hour markers.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Movement: Quartz
  • Display: Analog
  • Case Diameter: 48 mm (without the crown)
  • Case Thickness: 14 mm
  • Shape: Round
  • Dial Color: Blue
  • Hands: Rose-Gold
  • Arabic Numerals: Rose-Gold
  • Protective Casing Material: Mineral Crystal
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band Material: Silicone Band
  • Band Color: Blue
  • Band Width: 29 mm / Men’s Standard Length
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters (330 feet) / 10 ATM
  • Sub Dials: Three
  • Features: Chronograph, Luminous, Measures Seconds, Arabic Numeral Display, Date Display Calendar

This is the Dylan Watch BLACK MODEL, however, you can view the size of this 48mm watch on the wrist of this model, which includes measurements. The Blue model in this review is exactly the same.

Power Source

The Michael Kors Dylan Watch, like most all of Michael Kors time pieces in this price range and caliber, uses a Quartz movement for this Analog watch. This movement is extremely reliable and has been hailed as one of the best on the market in this Dyan Watch.

The Good

There are nothing but positive aspects to the Dylan Watch.

First, is the near-perfect functionality. While this watch does not contain an Automatic Movement, for a price of $250.00, this is not surprising. However, this does not mean that this is an inferior time piece. The Quartz movement in this Michael Kors watch is perfectly functional and will last for years. The main dial, as well as the three sub dials function beyond reproach. You can trust this model to give you everything you need, and more.

The special features are a happy surprise in this Chronograph. Protected with a mineral crystal and Rose-Gold-tone Stainless Steel casing, this watch is Water Resistant up to 10 ATM/100 meters/330 feet. Complete with a beautiful blue silicone band that matches the stunning blue dial, you can easily wear this time piece anywhere from swimming, snorkeling, at a high-class even, and even in your casual daily life.

The design of the Dylan Watch is just stunning. The “12” hour marker is a Rose-Gold Arabic numeral, while the rest of the hour markers are Rose-Gold-lined and filled in with luminous white. The main dial hands are also Rose-Gold-toned and filled in with luminous white. The second hand is pure Rose-Gold.

The three sub dials each have a single Rose-Gold-toned hand filled in with white. Two of the sub dials are flush against the blue back dial, while the 6 o’clock dial is trimmed in a Rose-Gold circle and contains the calendar date window.

The casing itself is a Rose-Gold Stainless Steel and this shines against the blue dial. The blue silicone band offers a versatile usage and great look.

The Bad

There is only one potential negative to the Dylan Watch; and that is the size.

This is an oversized, 48 mm time piece. That is extremely wide for most men to wear on their wrists. 45 mm watches are considered oversized, and this 48 mm is even larger (and this measurement does not even include the crown!).

If a 48 mm wide round casing (at 14 mm thick) does not suit you or fit your wrist, then this time piece may not look right on you. Most men do not prefer such a large watch face, but many men can pull off the look or have large enough wrists for a non-traditional size such as the Dylan Watch.

If this is precisely the oversized watch size you are looking for, then you have it made: all other aspect of this Micheal Kors watch are surprisingly solid and functional and this would make for an outstanding purchase.


It is difficult to highlight just one or two major aspects of the Dylan Watch. This Michael Kors model is stunning and has the looks of a luxury time piece as well as the functionality of a much more expensive watch.

The special features of this watch are a definite highlight: Excellent water resistant rating, luminous capability, a separate second time-keeping marker, three sub dials, and the inclusion of this time piece as a Chronograph, certainly sets this watch apart from the others.

Even though size is a matter of preference, this 48 mm wide (sans crown) round watch is oversized and makes a statement like no other.

The last highlight, besides the obvious design success, is the price. For $250.00, this watch is an absolute bargain that any man would be foolish to pass up. You can even find great deals (found below under “Pricing” on certain websites when they have price drops, that can cut even this price in half.

For a fully functional time piece with a great reputation and a following by time piece enthusiasts, this is one of those incredible deals you cannot believe exists.


The functionality of the Dylan Watch is beyond reproach. The Quartz functions with perfection, and each sub dial, second timekeeping marker, and main dials work with precision and class.

This watch is durable, water resistant, and has no functionality issues. This is a highly rated time piece by those who have purchased it in the past, and is one of the favorite models by Michael Kors.


You can purchase this greatly beloved Michael Kors MK825 Dylan Watch on Amazon.com for $250.00.


However, if you look around the net, you can find it for less.

For example, AreaTrend.com has this same model for half-price (this is during their “price drops”). For $125.84, this is an excellent deal that comes and goes. Even at full retail, this seller also sells it for $250.00.


Sears.com is selling this model online for only $138.60.


The respected Jomashop is selling the Dylan Watch during its “Grad Sale” going on now (5/19/2016) for only $134.99. Their retail price is also$250,00, so even if you miss this deal, you will not have to pay more than retail.


Overall, the available prices for this model is incredible.

Overall Impression

Kors has certainly taken a different approach to this special watch–the Dylan Watch has a look that shows just how far Michael Kors has gone in their excellent designs of Men’s watches.

Including a 10 ATM/100 meter/330 feet water resistance and silicone blue band, this wrist watch can go with you anywhere and withstand any weathering. No man could hate this incredibly designed Chronograph.

This is a real gem by Michael Kors that every man should take a good look at.

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9.9 Total Score

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  • Special Features
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  • Reliablility
  • Water Resistance
  • Oversized 48 mm Not for Everybody
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