Seiko Men’s SKX007K Diver’s Automatic Watch Review

Seiko Men’s SKX007K Diver’s Automatic Watch Review
9.4 Total Score
  • Diver's Watch
  • Great Pice
  • Excellent Movement

Brand: Seiko

Model: Men’s SKX007K

Type: Diver’s Automatic Watch

Seiko is a brand most of us know in the world of horology and timepieces. Being one of the more well-known and commonly popular brand names out there, Seiko has a history of reliability, design quality, and customer satisfaction.



Seiko’s Men’s SKX007K Diver’s Automatic Watch is no exception to the rule. This quality piece is an attractive wristwatch with enviable features and materials that make it difficult to believe the price.

This Automatic Watch is imported from Japan, where the quality of the movement is excellent and the features, rock-solid. Any diver seeking a great water resistant timepiece would be excited to own this Seiko diver’s watch.


With a case diameter of 46mm, this stainless-steel case with a black dial and white graphics and hands, is an attractive and functional design that is the perfect size and fit for any man seeking a well thought-out diver’s watch with a design and function that can be relied upon.

Not only does this watch use Japanese Automatic movement, but it also features day and date functions, Hardlex crystal, a band made of quality rubber, and water resistance of up to 660 feet (200 Meters). This watch is perfect for recreational scuba diving, swimmers, sports enthusiasts, boaters, fishermen, and individuals whose jobs or hobbies take them near water or outdoors.

The design is also attractive in a fashion sense, with the stark black and white offering a bold look, and the stainless steel highlighting the strength of the watch. The round dial is classic, but the design is modern. With a band material made of rubber, a case 13 millimeters thick, luminous features for seeing in the dark, as well as a sturdy buckle clasp, and analog display.

The Tech Specs

  • 2013 Model Diver’s Watch
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Japanese-Automatic
  • Case Diameter: 46mm
  • Face Shape: Round
  • Hardlex Crystal—developed by Seiko Watch Co.
  • Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Black in color / Date and Day Functions
  • Band: Black in color / made of quality rubber
  • Water Resistance: Up to 660 Feet (200 Meters)
  • Luminous Display Button
  • Weight: 5.28 Ounces
  • Intended for Divers and those with occupations or hobbies that involve water and harsh environments


This model by Seiko runs using quality Japanese Automatic movement, which powers the wristwatch using the kinetic energy gathered from the movement of your arm. No batteries are necessary, making this source of power not only an ecologically sound choice, but an environmentally friendly and continuous source of energy.

The Good

This watch is the perfect mix between traditional and modern. The face has a traditional clock face but with the attractive and modern color scheme that sets this watch apart. The band is made of rubber and is suited towards serious sports, occupational, and outdoor wear.

Its impressive water resistance of 660 feet make this the perfect watch to wear and forget about while having fun or working near water or materials that would typically ruin unprotected watches. Along with the band made of quality rubber, the case is stainless steel and strong enough to withstand water pressure as well as bumps and dings.

The best aspect of this particular watch has to be the Automatic movement. This beautiful Japanese-imported model never needs a battery, as it powers automatically using the movement of the wearer’s arm. This movement and power source is better than battery powered and better than solar—the use of kinetics to power this watch means that the lifespan of this model is long, and backed up by the quality of the band, dial, case, and bezel materials used.

The face is covered by Hardlex Crystal, which was developed by Seiko and is highly resistant to scratching and knocking, making it the perfect material for a Diver’s Watch. Paired with the durable rubber wrist band and the stainless steel case and bezel, this timepiece is not only durable, but reliable even in the most rugged of environments and circumstances.

This watch also has a luminous feature, which is perfect for night-time use, camping, outdoor activities, and diving. The luminosity is brighter than nearly any other Diver’s watch—even Rolex—and is well-constructed for dependable use.

In addition, the band is a comfortable fit with an ergonomic shape. Made of quality rubber, it clasps securely so it is not lost during diving or other activities, and is resistant to breaking and water damage. This is the ideal material for use in a Diver’s Watch.

The Bad

For some, an Automatic movement watch may not be ideal. While this is energy gathered by a person’s arm movement, this also means that you must wear the watch or the hands will stop. The watch will stop around 48 hours after the user stops wearing it, so it does not stop on the spot, but it is something that a potential buyer should be aware of since the watch is not a self-winder.


The Japanese-Automatic function is the highlight of this model from Seiko. Not having to rely on a battery ensures long-lasting quality and a product that is worth the money in the long-run.

Using kinetic energy, the Automatic movement is perfect for wearing this watch every day, as well as during outdoor activities, rigorous diving, and other activities without worrying about taking the watch to get a new battery or having to wind it up. This green energy is more convenient, more reliable, longer-lasting, and simply more modern than other watches can boast at this price.


Functionality is astounding on this Seiko SKX007K model. The Automatic movement makes keeping time thoughtless, the water resistance and Hardlex make it perfect for diving, the band made of rubber ensures that the band is not compromised, and the clasp ensures that the watch does not shake loose or come off during activities such as swimming or diving.

All functions work properly, from the water resistance, luminosity, security of the band, scratch-resistant casing, Automatic movement, and rugged longevity, which can all be relied upon in spades.

Functionality as far as design is also impressive. This watch has a future-classic look with modern features on a traditional design—the black and white dial with stainless steel casing makes for an impressive casual look, excellent business attire, and every scene in between.

In addition, the rubberized band can be replaced with other bands, such as canvas or other styles that may suit the wearer better. With interchangeable bands, you can wear this while going diving, then snap on a canvas strap for other activities or every day wear. If you prefer, you can attach a leather strap, but make sure to use a different material while diving to avoid ruining the leather material.


The price of the Seiko Men’s SKX007K Diver’s Automatic Watch is one of the incredible aspects about this model.

While the retail price was initially $425, you can commonly purchase this watch for around $184.00 on

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With outstanding reviews from long-time and first-time Seiko customers, this Diver’s watch is not only popular because of the price, but it is popular due to its notable longevity and reputation for quality and long-lasting functionality. For a watch under $200, this is an outstanding timepiece that is highly recommended to anyone looking for a watch that they are guaranteed to love.

Overall Impression

The overall impression of this Seiko Diver’s Watch is its bold design, modern-traditional look, fantastic functionality for divers, excellent features such as a bright luminosity and Automatic movement, and finally, the reliability of this model’s resistance to water and scratching.

It is rare that a product receives such overwhelmingly positive reviews, but Seiko nailed it with the SKX007K model Diver’s Watch.

This timepiece by Seiko has earned a perfect rating in the categories above without question.

While some consumers reported that the clock movement was slow by a couple of minutes each month and other issues surrounding the keeping of time, these individuals typically found that they had bought a copy of this Seiko model and not the real product.

It is advisable to remind you to be sure the product you are receiving is real—there are many copies out there, but the real Seiko models have perfect Automatic movement that has been known to last for decades. There are models by Seiko that are over twenty years old that are still perfectly operational after all of these years. This speaks to Seiko’s quality and longevity of their timepieces.

This is one wristwatch that is as good as it is advertised and will remain a classic as well as a favorite for buyers of this excellent model.


9.4 Total Score

Overall Quality
  • Diver's Watch
  • Great Pice
  • Excellent Movement
  • Not much
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