Steampunk: Alchemy Gothic EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch: Review

Steampunk: Alchemy Gothic EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch: Review
9.2 Total Score

Brand: Alchemy Gothic

Type: EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch, Pewter

Model: AW15



The dial is a truly incredible design that merges gothic, steampunk, industrial, and aged antique into a single one of a kind men’s timepiece. The dial design features a “galvanic scale,” which is a wonderful aesthetic addition, as this industrial scale measures the decay of time using Carnot’s Second Law of Thermodynamics.

With a 35mm diameter dial face (not including the hatch or strap), it is the perfect size as a throwback to timepieces created during the early 1900s of the industrial revolution.

For the Steampunk aficionado, industrial lover, or gothic wearer in your life, this amazing piece of technology will look unlike any other watch on the wrists of men.

Technical Specifications & Features:

  • Face Size: 35mm (4.3 x 4.3 x 2.9 inches)
  • 5.2cm High x 8.8 cm Wide
  • Made in England
  • Battery: 1 x 377 Cell Battery
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Dial Color: White
  • Dial Features: Galvanic Scale
  • Case Finish: Pewter
  • Strap Type: Bracelet
  • Strap Finish: Pewter
  • Magnetic Fastening Hatch
  • Available in: One Size, Adjustable

Power Source

Despite the “Steam-Powered” in this Alchemy Gothic’s title summary, this watch is powered by a single 377 battery — it is not steam powered, but Quartz.

We know that seems obvious, but hey, you never know.

The Good

One of the incredible aspects of this gothic, steampunk watch is the strap. This rigid bracelet has an aged pewter finish and features decorative copper and black wire detailing. These extra design features really hit the industrial steampunk vibe and makes this a striking watch for lovers of antiquities.

The front of the watch is also finished with aged pewter and has a vault-like casing that you can read more about in the “Highlights” section below. The dial of this timepiece is white with red accent and a Galvanic Scale from a forgotten time in industrial innovation. This scale acts in the place of a traditional Analog 12 hour clock, but features a circle at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions along the gauge scale.

The dial features two hands and is a very simple but effective way of keeping time. When the front casing is closed, this watch turns into a heavily industrial cross between some sort of early 1900s scuba diving device and steampunk gauge. Since the Galvanic Scale that is applied on the dial is a scale that measures temporal decay, this is a perfect design for this incredibly unique watch.

The Bad

This watch is intended to be a curiosity, so I do not expect all of the bells and whistles of a more expensive watch, such as a chronograph, subdials, calendar, or water resistance. That being said, this watch functions solely to keep time and that’s it.

While some people may want more, the design is intended to be steampunk and industrial in style, so the lack of extras makes sense.

For a price of over $200, however, one would expect more stability in the timekeeping, a more reliable Quartz battery, and more balance in the design.


While the incredible ‘Galvanic Scale’ watch face and bracelet style strap with copper and black wire detailing are insane design features, they aren’t even the best parts. The real eye-popping design feature is the dial face cover.

Yes, unlike almost all wrist watches, the Alchemy Gothic EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator watch features a pocket-watch like magnetic-fastening hatch. This unique hatch matches the aged pewter finish of the strap and case finishes and really brings this timepiece full circle.


The functionality of this watch is relatively simple: it just keeps time. There are no chronograph features, no subdials, no calendar date window, and no water resistance.

For what it has, it functions well enough to tell the time and be an incredible piece of conversation. The bracelet is finished in aged pewter, as the case and hatch are, and is one sized, however it is highly adjustable for the wrists of most men. So, fitting is not an issue.


You can purchase this Alchemy Gothic EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch in Pewter on Blue Banana for just over $200. There are not many places that you can find this men’s industrial, steampunk timepiece, so take advantage of the availability while you still can. This watch is manufactured in England.

BlueBanana: $214.84


9.2 Total Score

Power Source
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